CRC Hosts Tech Briefing: “Innovation in Today’s Entertainment”

May 21, 2014
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Representatives Judy Chu (D-CA) and Howard Coble (R-NC), Co-Chairs of the Congressional Creative Rights Caucus, hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill focusing on the mutually beneficial relationship between the technology and creative industries.

The briefing included tech presentations by representatives from HBO, Ultra Violet, Netflix, and Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“Content and technology depend on one another to thrive in today’s market place,” said Rep. Chu. “And today’s briefing shows how much innovation is happening in today’s entertainment and that there are many legitimate technologies available for consumers to access to the world’s greatest creative works whenever and wherever they want it. We must do more to get the public educated about these legal digital services as part of the solution to fighting online theft.”

“Today’s briefing highlighted collaboration between our content and technology industries,” said Rep. Coble. “Perceptions of these industries in opposition to one another distract from the real challenges they face, such as piracy and online theft. That’s why it is so important that the public is made aware of tech platforms that make up the lawful ecosystem for access of content.”

“I was honored to be a cohost for the ‘Innovation in Today’s Entertainment’ briefing,” said Rep. Marino. “While we in Congress discuss proposals to tackle issues such as copyright reform or piracy that so often divide the technology and the content industry against one another, it is encouraging to see new business relationships being forged between the two. When it comes to protection of intellectual property rights as well as fair and balanced copyright reform, the best solutions will be the agreements reached between these two industries amongst themselves.”