The Congressional Creative Rights Caucus is a bipartisan caucus dedicated to protecting the rights of content creators. More importantly, the Caucus aims to help the public understand that we cannot judge the entertainment industry by how well famous Hollywood or music stars are doing.  In fact, the majority of people who make up the creative community are everyday Americans who work hard to make a living in the arts.  Protecting the rights of creators will ensure they can flourish and have the ability to give us joy and fulfillment through their works.  

American creators of motion pictures, music, software, books, visual arts, and other creative works rely on Congress to protect their copyrights, human rights, First Amendment rights, and property rights. Preserving these rights encourages American ingenuity and innovation, and creates an environment in which members of this community can thrive and prosper. The economic contributions made by the creative community strengthen America and keep us competitive in a global economy. Creative works are among our most precious cultural and economic exports because the ingenuity, skill, and craftsmanship of American creators are highly prized, and cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world.